Upcoming Content!

Upcoming Content!

Things have slowed down a little bit so I can have a short break, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be gone forever.

I’m on a small audio break, and going on a quest to finish up some video games so I can review them.

First on the docket is a Switch review of Torchlight II. I would have had this out a little earlier, but on launch the game had some truly baffling and obvious UI and sound bugs. It’s the sort of polish screw up I wouldn’t normally expect from a Panic Button-developed port.

Fortunately, those were quickly patched a couple of days ago, so I feel I can fairly review the game now.

After that’s up, I’ll have a review of Spiders’ newest game, GreedFall. I’ve only played about an hour, but it’s really cool so far. I like the kinetic energy of the combat system, and the overall vibe and pacing very much reminds me of Dragon Age II, which I think is great

If you’re thinking about upcoming game releases, you might perhaps be wondering if I’ll also be looking at Borderlands 3 this week, and the reality is I have no idea. I promised myself I’d wait till the reviews released to see if I could get more interested…and now that they’re here, I honestly still have no idea if it’s something I want to play.

The most exciting footage of the game to me so far was the old Gearbox GDC presentation where they talked about all the new graphical techniques they added to Unreal Engine to make the game work.

It’s clear that a lot of that stuff made it into the final game, but that the game itself is very much a repeat performance as far as the overall design. I’ve been a big fan of the series for a long time, but for whatever reason the lengthy time gap between installments and the lack of new exciting features has me tepid on the latest release.

In addition to Torchlight II and GreedFall reviews, I’ve also got a River City Girls review and even a new album review in the pipeline. Remember when I used to review music?

And for those of you wondering about audio products, yes, some more headphone content is coming eventually. As it always does. But I’m taking a break to actually work through some of these games I’m piling up.

It’s at an absurd level at this point.

The Humble Store, and its monthly subscription, have been very good to me. It’s one of the best deals in gaming if you’re on PC, and they incentivize regular purchasing just enough that I’ve gotten caught up in a few of their promotions. And I love the ability to donate to charities as well. Truly a class act.

What happened to my RAD and Code of Princess Reviews?

What happened to my RAD and Code of Princess Reviews?