How To Support My Work


The best way to support my writing work online is to buy a Medium subscription. You can click that last sentence to check out their rates, which I think are stupidly affordable. I’m a subscriber myself, and I’ve found a lot of cool writers to follow.

As a subscriber, you’ll have access to all of the articles I post there, not just the free content, and access to thousands of other great pieces of content on Medium.

Here’s a link to my Medium profile.

I used to have a donate page here, where you could drop some money in a digital tip jar to support me on a one-time, non-recurring basis. I appreciate the elite few of you who donated to me through that button, but the overwhelming majority of my readers have decided they’d rather support me through Medium’s paywall. I’ve chosen to listen to those numbers and disable the donate page for now.

I’ll still be posting content as fast as I make it both here and on Medium, and I’m still exploring the types of content that work well on each site. Everything I post here will still be 100 percent free, and thanks to the metered nature of Medium’s paywall, if you don’t want to pay you’ll still have access to some of my content there too.

I’m an enthusiast doing this all out of pocket as a side hobby, and I’m grateful that your support on Medium helps defray the costs of myself and many other writers.

If you’ve got feedback about any of this, feel free to leave a comment on any of my stories or drop me an email using the address at the bottom of every page. I’m not super fast at replying to emails. You’ve been warned!

Thanks for reading!