Being in Two Places at Once

Being in Two Places at Once

I write articles both here, and on Medium.

Right now, the split I’m going with is: Reviews on Worldbolding, Everything Else on Medium.

Most of the traffic to my reviews comes from Google, so Medium’s sharing systems and curation aren’t always beneficial to them. My other articles tend to do better there, because they’re more in line with what people on Medium want.

However, since I’m only one guy, it often feels like I’ve spread myself just a little bit too thin.

I’m not really in this to chase numbers. My brain always generates critical opinions, a leftover side effect from years working for a computer magazine and a film/literary criticism education background. I might as well throw that stuff out into the public discourse in the hope that it helps some people out.

But it’s tempting to just consolidate everything in one place. My numbers on Medium are much higher…but there I have none of the flexibility of running my own site. I can’t upload microphone tests. I can’t access any statistical info that Medium doesn’t want me to have. And I can’t really organize my posts in any meaningful way,

Plus, if Medium ever dies out, my content there will just vanish into the ether.

That sounds like a nightmare…but in some ways it would also be refreshing. It’s nice to start over sometimes. I’m not planning to do that anytime soon, but I’d be lying if I said I’d never considered a soft reboot, at least.

When I started this site, I wanted it to have some of my non-technical writing on it as well. That content has all but evaporated, both from the site and from my own life. It would be nice to focus on that again some day.

Gaming content tends to do much better on Medium than it does here. Most of my followers here know me for being that “weird headphone guy” so in the future, I might move the gaming reviews over to Medium.

Today, I’m stuck at a coffee shop all day because there’s renovation going on inside my apartment building. So it’s a good day to heave these sorts of thoughts onto the internet.

I’m working on some sort of piece about Warframe on the Switch. I might write a review of the USB battery pack I bought recently just for the heck of it. And I haven’t forgotten about my promise to review Dynasty Warriors 8 on the Switch. Oh, and I’m trying to play through every Kingdom Hearts game. That’s…going?

Headphone content will be on hiatus for at least a few weeks. I’m not quite interested in running out to buy anything right now, and I covered some Audio-Technica stuff that I hadn’t originally planned on, so that changed my budget around. I do still intend to cover one of the Sivga pairs sometime near the end of this month, once I figure out which one to buy.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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