Last Week of Survey! And Other Housekeeping

This is the final week that my August 2018 content survey will be live. So if you want to give your opinion on my upcoming content, now's your chance!

I'll be doing these surveys every 3 months or so.

Also, I've already written two of the articles featured in that survey, if you're interested in seeing them:

The Fall of Innerfidelity- This one was a tough one to write. Innerfidelity was instrumental in teaching me about the headphone industry, and how to read measurement graphs and figure out what sort of signature I might like.

The new version of the site is very very different, and shows no signs of changing. I had to cut down and tone down this article because the more I wrote on it, the more it was just a weird angry rant piece and not the more "objective-ish" look I was going for. Some of that material will be making its way to World Bolding soon, if I can figure out how to frame it right. I'm not on the internet to slam people personally, i think that's super uncool. But the new direction of Innerfidelity fills me with many...thoughts.

I'll probably turn it into more a think piece on the nature of personality-driven content online. We'll see!

Sennheiser Game One Review- I enjoyed this one. Sennheiser has about 8 million versions of this headset available, and it's been a strong seller for them for 4 years now.

I know it's a little silly to link to the very article that sits right next to this one on my site, but there you go I did it.

This week I have some gaming and tech content I'm working on, and then I'll be diving back into headphones for a while. The biggest takeaways from my survey so far are: 1) A lot of you are Sennheiser Fans! 2) Enough people voted for the Grado review that now I have to buy a pair of Grados.

Oh good.

I'm excited to play Victor Vran on the Switch

I'm excited to play Victor Vran on the Switch

Sennheiser Game One Review

Sennheiser Game One Review