3 Characters Into Dynasty Warriors 9

3 Characters Into Dynasty Warriors 9

Even though I recently wrote my lengthy Dynasty Warriors 9 review, I'm still going strong playing the game.

I'm about to finish my third character on Xbox One X, and my first character on PC. Theoretically, I'm going to try and get all 90 endings on both platforms.

Wish me luck.

On PC, I'm playing as Cao Cao, one of the villains of the story. The nice thing about the scope of the Three Kingdoms storyline is that it actually has time to develop its antagonists, and that you actually get to play as them.

So Cao Cao doesn't start out as a horrible despot....but he kind of becomes one. I might write more about that in the future.

On Xbox, I'm playing as Zheng Chenhua, who is a lady with a Whip Blade, and also sort of a villain.

Wait, what's a whip blade?


A whip blade, it turns out, is a giant floppy sword that sort of behaves like a whip. It's really good. Also, her flow combo strings right into an air combo, and she feels vastly different than the other three more traditional characters I've played so far.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is really great. If it's your sort of thing, you'll play it for a year.

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