Welcome to World Bolding!

Welcome to World Bolding!

A couple of things happened all at once.

I was sitting here in a coffee shop on a Friday night at my writing group, like I do.

I passed the arbitrary number of monthly views on my Medium blog that I had set as the "I should probably do something real with this whole writing thing."

Then, a friend found a brilliant typo on the events list for a local writers conference. They had written "World Bolding" instead of "World Building."

And so this site was born.

This is the new home for all of my original work that's made of text. It's also a place for me to encourage other creative types to actually do things. It's also a place for future collaborations with said other creative types. Hopefully!

Right now it's mostly just a web site that I frantically built in a coffee shop on a Friday night. But soon it will be all those things up there.

Now that you've read this, click HERE or use the little navigation menu thingy to read the other lone piece of text I wrote for this.

And please click that little heart, as always.

I don't know what I'm doing and I love it.

The Rolling Rock of Headphones

The Rolling Rock of Headphones